On-line Film Submission Form

  • film and technical information, festival history, awards
  • director, contacts, credits, cast
  • synopsis, director´s biography and filmography
  • market information
  • files upload
  • confirmation email, confirmation slip

On-line Film Information Form

  • On-line module for updating existing film data by the submitter.
  • System generates an unique link for each film entry.
  • Data are updated in the temporary database and then transfered to DataKal.

On-line Film Evaluation

  • Secure system for evaluators to rate and comment on films.
  • Security features to limit each evaluator if neccessary.
  • Online connection with DataKal, data can be viewed with each film entry.
  • Various types of searches, rating, comments, exports, statistics and charts.

On-line Film Guide

  • Online film guide with detailed film information.
  • Technical information, synopsis, director´s biography and filmography, credits, cast, contacts.
  • Pictures, trailers.
  • Marketing tools (highlights, suggestions).
  • Audience comments and rating.
  • Various types of film search (by title, date, venue, genre, film section etc.).
  • Schedule (another type of screenings view).
  • Events (non-film program highlighted).

On-line Ticketing

  • Implemented in online film guide. It allows to book/purchase tickets directly from online film guide.
  • Seat selector, venue view.
  • Shopping basket.
  • Tickets reservation, or credit card payment process.
  • Confirmation email and confirmation slip (barcode and order review included).
  • Registration for buying tickets requested.
  • Benefits, marketing tools etc.

On-line Registration

  • On-line registration system for new delegates requesting accreditation.
  • Different types of registration.
  • Multiple contact information, photo upload, files upload.
  • Activities specification, industry information, media information.
  • Confirmation email, confirmation slip.

On-line Personal/Company Folder (Web Access)

  • System allows guests and participants to access their personal or company folder.
  • System is different for invited guests, delegates and companies.
  • Data update is made online by the person/company.
  • Personal folder: contact information, invitation, accreditation, travel, accommodation, events, films, tickets reservation/purchase, merchandise, payment, diary, industry info, who-is-where.
  • Company folder: contact information, company representatives’ registrations, industry info, who-is-where.

On-line Arrivals and Departures (Airport Access)

  • Arrivals/Departures online lists by date easily available for the airport staff.
  • Lists include travel details, hotel information and other notes for each person.
  • Exports available.

On-line Hotel Access

  • Online list of accommodated guests for each hotel (passworded access).
  • Hotel list can include arrival date, departure date, festival pay or guest pay specifications, transportation details, notes for receptionist.
  • Exports available.

On-line Industry Guide

  • Online list of companies and their representatives.
  • Contact information, company profile, territories of interest, activities, recent titles.
  • Export of contacts as business cards (vcard).

On-line Planning Module

  • Festival and event planning system.
  • Reminder system for scheduled tasks.
  • MS Outlook and iCal systems integrated (schedules export).


  • Limited access to contacts and film database for DataKal users.
  • Online film guide and ticketing available for audience.


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DataKal StarBase representatives at the Berlinale 2017

DataKal StarBase, the comprehensive software solution for film festivals, represented by Pavel Kalenda & Kalenda Systems, will be available at Berlinale International Film Festival 2017, February 12 - 15. We will be happy to meet you and tell you more about our products! To arrange a meeting, please send us email to info@kalendasoft.com or call us on +420 602 273 948.


DOK Leipzig Filmfinder 2016

We are happy to announce that a new DOK Leipzig programme has been officially released. Please find more about DOK Leipzig Filmfinder at https://films2016.dok-leipzig.de/en/.


Rome Fillm Fest film guide

Rome Film Fest will take place from 13th to 23th October 2016. Visit the festival's film guide at https://filmguide.romacinemafest.org/en/


Program of 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival

Sarajevo Film Festival and Datakal StarBase proubly presents programme for 22nd edition of festival which will take place from 12th to 20the August 2016. Reserve your tickets at https://films.sff.ba/en/home.


Dominik centrum s.r.o., Pilsen, Czech RepublicDominik centrum s.r.o., Pilsen, Czech Republic

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