Kalenda Systems s.r.o. and Pavel Kalenda have concluded an agreement for the sale and support of  festival management software well known as the DataKal and DataKal StarBase

On the basis of this agreement Kalenda Systems Ltd. company represented by Mr. Kalenda (the programm architect and author of the well known DataKal, Cuba and StarBase, has all exlusive rights to sell software solutions and also to provide support.
The representatives for sell and provide support of the Kalenda Systems Ltd. company are:

Kalenda Systems, s.r.o.
Pražská 1201,
250 92 Šestajovice, Czech Republic
Ing. Pavel Kalenda
Pod Lesem 140/12
435 43 Horni Jiretin, Czech Republic
Ing. Hana Paterová, Ph.D.
Pražská 1201,
250 92 Šestajovice
Pavla Kormošová
Žakava 49
332 04 Žakava, Czech Republic


We will be more than happy to provide you with more information. Please contact us anytime with your questions.


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One World Film Festival

This year we implemented VoD platform for festival One World. System allow upload online screeners and also DCP masters and fully automatically building videolibrary. These are streamed online and also at video library room.

DataKal StarBase representatives at the Berlinale 2018

DataKal StarBase, the comprehensive software solution for film festivals, represented by Pavel Kalenda & Kalenda Systems, will be available at Berlinale International Film Festival 2017, February 12 - 15. We will be happy to meet you and tell you more about our products! To arrange a meeting, please send us email to info@kalendasoft.com or call us on +420 602 273 948.


Probably first festival in the world using RFID chips for accreditation and ticketing. Platform is very easy for scanning and managing tickets and access to the venues. In combination of new ticketing rules was a great solution for an event where is hi demand for tickets.

MIA Market

MIA Market platform was changed into new design and implement 7 different online application forms, accreditation system, payment, hotel platform. Unique access control was developed for industry screenings and Sales get online in formation about their visitors.


Albacete International Fim FestivalAlbacete International Fim Festival
Gulf Film FestivalGulf Film Festival

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